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Calling all ‘sugar babies’ for the Flora London Marathon

9 December 2004
Dear Editor We need people to sign up for the Action Medical Research ‘Sugar babes’ team in the 2005 Flora London Marathon. The Charity is looking for anyone over 18 who was born prematurely, or has a close family member who was born prematurely, to run in the ‘Sugar babes’ team carrying their own birth weight in sugar. Action Medical Research is giving the team this name because some of the smallest premature babies – those weighing in at 1kg or less - are often referred to as ‘sugar babies’ because their weight is similar to that of a bag of sugar. Our ‘Touching Tiny Lives’ campaign aims to help give all babies and especially those born prematurely the best possible start in life. Many runners will have recently learnt they have not been successful in the Marathon’s ballot and this is an opportunity to take part and raise money to help the tiniest babies To find out how you can join the team telephone 01403 210 406 or e-mail Amanda Borg National Events Manager /Ends Touching Tiny Lives is the new campaign from Action Medical Research. The Charity is raising urgently needed funds for more research to find answers to premature birth, pre-eclampsia and other serious conditions which threaten babies and expectant mothers to ensure that all babies, especially babies born prematurely, grow up healthy.
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