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Cambridge researchers receive huge cash injection for new studies

17 December 1998
Two Cambridge researchers are set to receive nearly £l50,000 to carry out research which could benefit future generations. Doctor Susan Kenwrick at Addenbrooke's Hospital will carry out a study to find the gene responsible for a hereditary skin condition which affects about one baby girl in every 10,000. The condition, known as incontinentia pigmenti progresses in stages of severe blistering, warts, and pigmented streaks and is often accompanied by abnormalities of the eyes, hair, teeth and nails. An extreme case can leave a girl with epilepsy, mental deficit or spasticity. A second project, being carried out by Dr Ashley King at the University of Cambridge, will focus on placental growth. This could lead to a better understanding of some of the most serious complications during pregnancy. "Failure of normal placental cell function leads to common and severe developmental conditions including pre-eclampsia, poor fetal growth and even still-birth," said Dr King. Action Research's Director General, Anne Luther, added: "Both of these research projects come highly recommended by our independent panel of experts."
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