Cambridge scientists launch exciting research into nerve growth | Action Medical Research

Cambridge scientists launch exciting research into nerve growth

1 August 2000
Leading medical research charity, Action Research, is adding its weight to research into paralysis, following a cash boost to Cambridge experts. The charity, famous for its efforts to overcome disease and disability, is awarding more than £33,000 to a project looking at nerve regeneration. The nerves emerging from the brain and spinal cord and supplying the arms and legs can easily be damaged through accidents. This will often lead to a significant and permanent disability, as the repair process in nerve tissues is often incomplete. With the help of funding by Action Research over the last two years, a team from the University of Cambridge has identified a cell surface receptor which has been shown to be important in the regrowth of nerve cells after injury. The scientists, based at the Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair & Department of Medical Genetics, are now hoping to identify how this receptor triggers nerve growth, which may point to drug treatments to promote better long term repair and reduce disability. Leading the team, Professor Charles ffrench-Constant says: ‘The initial results of our Action Research-sponsored programme do raise the possibility of new treatments to enhance nerve re-growth after injury, and we are delighted to receive this further funding to pursue the work.’
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