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Cash Boost for Medical Charity

30 May 2000
Leading medical research charity Action Research was today awarded a grant of just over £66,000 by the Hospital Saving Association. The money will be made available over two years to fund a vital research project into the life-threatening disease Invasive Candidiasis. Anne Luther, Director General of the charity, said: “This is great news. Candida, a yeast-like fungus, has become a major cause of the life-threatening infection called invasive candidiasis. The disease affects vital organs and often attacks hospital patients in intensive care. Largely because of late diagnosis it has a fatality rate of up to 40%, and results in prolonged hospitalisation for survivors. Several thousand cases occur annually in the UK each year”. Philip Howard, Chairman of HSA’s Charity and Sponsorship Committee said “It is good to know that our sponsorship will enable research work into this dangerous infection can go ahead”. Using the award, researchers at The Imperial College School of Medicine, London will develop novel tests that will enable more cases to be diagnosed earlier, so that effective treatment can be given.
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