Cash boost for medical research in East Anglia | Action Medical Research

Cash boost for medical research in East Anglia

24 November 1999
The leading medical charity, Action Research, has given researchers at the University of East Anglia, over £130,000 to enable them to study cartilage repair. A group of medical specialists, led by Dr Jelena Gavrilovic hope to develop a way to help cartilage cells repair themselves. Cartilage provides joints with excellent friction, lubrication and wear characteristics required for gliding motion. Doctor Gavrilovic said: ``Damage to cartilage leads to early arthritis in the joints because unlike bone, cartilage cannot repair itself. ‘’ At present, the only way to improve healing is through surgery although there is no firm evidence that this is of long term benefit, and so alternative approaches are urgently needed. ``We are delighted to receive this grant from Action Research and hope that the project will lead to new and better treatments for cartilage repair,’’ added Dr Gavrilovic.
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