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Catherine Zeta Jones pays for Grandmother's knee replacement

15 June 2004
Catherine Zeta Jones revealed on American TV last week that she has recently paid £16,000 for her Grandmother to have important knee replacement surgery. With knee replacement surgery on the increase, leading charity Action Medical Research is funding a three-year study to improve design, surgical techniques and the lifespan of knee replacements. 30,000 such operations are performed in the UK every year, and the number of knee replacement operations performed annually is expected to overtake hip replacement operations in the next few years. The Action Medical Research funded study uses highly sophisticated computer models to simulate the body's interaction with the knee implant. Leading the research Dr Mark Taylor says: 'The models simulate somebody walking and performing other everyday activities so we can evaluate the stresses on the bone within the knee.' Working in the School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Southampton, alongside aerospace and automotive engineers, Dr Mark Taylor adds: 'The cross fertilisation of ideas between disciplines gives a huge impetus to our work. We assess the most advanced techniques and materials available and apply them to the medical sector.' Simon Moore, Chief Executive of Action Medical Research, says: 'Having funded pioneering hip replacement surgery, Action Medical Research is now playing an important role in the development of knee replacement surgery. We hope that the results of this research will bring benefits to thousands of people in the future.' For more information about Action Medical Research go to or telephone 01403 210 406.
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