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Comedians Call for Baby Research Money

13 June 2006
COMEDIANS CALL FOR BABY RESEARCH MONEY It’s time to Stand-Up and be counted along with top comedians as they demand to know why money is the reason behind the deaths of hundreds of babies in the UK every year. Action Medical Research is launching its online Stand Up For Tiny Lives petition,, on Monday 19 June at the Comedy Store in London. The petition has already gained support from Harry Hill, Jo Brand, Frank Skinner, Stewart Lee, John Moloney, Arabella Weir, Richard Herring, Graham Norton and Les Dennis. Other celebrity supporters include Nell McAndrew, Tony Hadley, Martin Fry and Phillipa Forester. Stand Up For Tiny Lives is urging the Government to place a higher priority on preventing premature birth. Andrew Proctor of Action Medical Research said, “We know that significant funding goes towards caring for babies who are born too early. However the UK’s top obstetricians, women’s health specialists and paediatricians have told us that not enough is actively being done to stop prematurity. “Action Medical Research is one of the biggest charity funders in the UK in this area; but we think more must be done by Government too. “We estimate the Government invests just £6m each year, that’s around £10 for each UK baby born, whilst charities like ourselves top it up with another £4m. “The saddest thing is that we know research in this area does actually save lives. In 1975, around half of babies weighing less than 3lbs at birth survived. Some 20 years of research later, that figure had risen to 85%. “All we need now is for the Government to see that.”
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