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De La Rue help Action Research count the pennies!

19 August 2002
De La Rue plc, the company that prints 150 currencies across the world, has come to the aid of Action Research. Our volunteers around the UK love collecting money for us, but they don’t like the tiresome chore of counting it. So De La Rue has donated a state-of-the-art coin counting machine to enable Action Research to process and bank our coin donations much faster. The machine is one of many financial security products made by De La Rue, the world's largest commercial security printers and papermakers. The pounds will look after themselves… The Mach 5 machine, which can count and sort up to 3000 coins per minute, was presented by Catherine Edenborough and Steve Norbury from De La Rue to Paddington at our Charity headquarters. And it certainly made an easy job of counting and sorting the first £150 of loose coinage we gave it as a test. Our hard-working volunteers will be able to turn their hands to more interesting fundraising activities now they no longer have to count coins manually. And the run to Boots for hand lotion can now formally come to a close. Our thanks go to De La Rue for their very welcome and generous donation.
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