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Famous Russian Choir to sing at Worth Abbey

6 September 2002
Concert goers have a rare opportunity to hear the world-renowned Rossica Choir perform at Worth Abbey, near Crawley, on Sunday 6th October. The concert starts at 8.00pm and is being held to raise funds for leading medical charity, Action Research. The famous choir from St Petersburg in Russia is performing works by Titov, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. Worth Abbey provides an impressive and dramatic setting for this unique and hugely rewarding musical experience. Russian choral music is deeply emotional. The Rossica Choir draws its musical inspiration from the traditions and customs of ‘Old Russia’. The Choir’s captivating repertoire includes a varied programme of Russian Orthodox music and lively settings of folk songs as encores. Concert Organiser, John Moor, said: “This is a great opportunity to hear this celebrated Russian Choir and support vital medical research. Russian Orthodox music makes an overwhelming impression on its listeners, and on previous tours large British audiences have greeted stunning and emotional performances with acclamation and standing ovations.” All proceeds from the concert will go to Action Research’s 50th Anniversary ‘Touching Lives’ appeal. Since 1952, Action Research funding has made possible Britain’s first polio vaccine, pioneering hip replacement surgery and the first medical use of ultrasound scanning. The charity genuinely believes that it has touched the lives of millions of people across the UK. One of Action Research’s current projects is at Chailey Heritage in Sussex. The project helps infants with cerebral palsy who have been provided with special equipment, by monitoring its effectiveness in preventing hip dislocation. Ticket prices are £10 or £15 and are available by calling (01243) 814227. Full details of the concerts can be found at www.action.org.uk/concerts or by calling (01403) 327449.
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