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Five Interview on Bring your Bear

20 March 2001
FIVE would love to kidnap Westlife in aid of charity! They’re not the teddy bears of rock, but chart-toppers FIVE are going cuddly and supporting a BEAR-rilliant fundraising event. The band is urging ‘Everybody Get Up’ and take part in Bring Your Bear Week, on behalf of leading medical research charity, Action Research. We asked FIVE’s Ritchie Neville to bear all: *Did you have a bear when you were young and what was his name? I was given a bear by my sister’s friend when I was only one-month-old called ‘Figgy’. He had big ears and wore a little denim corduroy hat, waistcoat, and an orange bow-tie. My mum has still got it! I also had a bed cover of Paddington Bear, which is Action Research’s mascot. *Paddington Bear is usually seen with his famous suitcase. What three things do you always pack when you’re going away on tour? My telephone, so I can call my mum, my toothbrush, and my wallet. *Marmalade sandwiches are Paddington’s favourite snack. What are you likely to reach for when the hunger pangs set in? Well I don’t share Paddington’s love of marmalade, unfortunately. But there’s nothing better when you want to veg out, than a good chip butty made with proper hard butter - none of that spreadable stuff - and a wedge of bread, hot chips and mayonnaise. *One of the stunts we encourage youngsters to get involved in during the Bring Your Bear Week is kidnapping a bear and demanding a ransom fee to raise money. Who or which band would you love to kidnap for a few days? I’d kidnap our mates Westlife and send them back to Ireland for a while! *Paddington is an adventurous bear. Which are your favourite overseas hotspots? We recently did a gig in Rio which was fantastic. I also love Cape Town and Australia. As you can see, I love the sun. *Five is not your average squeaky-clean boy band. Are you grizzly bears or cuddly ones? I’d say a bit of both. *You’re a very charity-friendly group. Why are you supporting Action Research? Its work is very important. We have got to keep on trying to find the answers to so many diseases and disabilities. *Have you or a friend or relative been personally affected by one of the conditions we fund? I remember a friend of mine having a bad asthma attack in a lesson at school which was quite scary. Asthma is an illness which is still on the increase, especially with today’s pollution. It’s something that’s got to be addressed. *What would you say to youngsters thinking of taking part in the Action Research Bring Your Bear event? Get involved! It’s for a great cause, and I’m sure there are thousands of bears across the UK who would love to escape from their bedrooms and take part.
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