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Jeremy Clarkson supports Paddington's Suitcase Challenge

30 April 1999
Jeremy Clarkson Supports Paddington’s Suitcase Challenge Outspoken TV presenter and journalist - Jeremy Clarkson - is all revved up to support his childhood chum Paddington Bear - as the loveable bear continues his Suitcase Challenge to help Action Research raise £1million to fund research into children’s illnesses. Jeremy has grown up with the marmalade sandwich eating bear thanks to his Mum who designed the first ever Paddington in 1972. Paddington’s Suitcase Challenge launched in March and will run until the end of November. A variety of events and activities make up the challenge including Bring Your Bear Week which begins on the 21st June. Climaxing on Paddington’s birthday on the 25th, this annual event sees adults and children donating some of their pocket money for the privilege of taking their beloved teddy to work or school with them. Jeremy was pleased to show his support for Action Research and was eager to back his old friend Paddington Bear: "Action Research is funding work into such areas as cot death, premature birth, meningitis and asthma - all areas that today’s parents should be supporting. Paddington Bear was a big part of my childhood and I’m happy to support the cuddly fellow whenever I can."
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