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Knuckling down to medical research

17 November 1999
Nearly £90,000 has been awarded to researchers in the north east to enable them to continue their studies in developing new, artificial finger joints. Thanks to a grant from the leading medical charity, Action Research, specialists at Middlesbrough General Hospital and the University of Durham will be able to follow up their earlier work. The latest research grant will enable clinical trials like this to continue and allow researchers to evaluate the success of their operations. Over half a million people in the UK suffer from arthritic conditions which effect their finger joints. These diseases cause pain, disability and loss of independence and income. Professor Anthony Unsworth leading the project said: ``We hope to find out why some finger joint replacements have failed and then show how future failures can be avoided. The research will lead to the development of a testing method for artificial finger joints so that new designs can be fully evaluated before implanting them in patients,’’ he added.
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