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New epilepsy leaflet available

13 May 1999
New epilepsy leaflet available The leading medical research charity, Action Research, is today launching its new leaflet on epilepsy to coincide with National Epilepsy Week (May 16-22). The leaflet describes some of the causes of epilepsy and aims to promote a greater understanding and awareness of this condition. In the past nine years, Action Research has awarded 15 research grants specifically related to epilepsy - a commitment of just over £1 million. It is the most common serious brain disease and develops in 30,000 people in the UK every year. Action Research is supporting Professor John Duncan who is working on a number of projects in this area. His aim is to identify and diagnose causes of epilepsy, and its effects on the brain. Consequently more effective treatments maybe devised so that abnormalities may be removed surgically. Working at the National Society of Epilepsy the group are developing new ways of imaging the brain in life, identifying abnormalities underlying epilepsy that have not previously been picked up. In another project Action Research doctors are following up a group of patients with epilepsy to find out the site and extent of brain damage that may occur if their seizures continue. The new leaflet is free and is available by writing to Action Research, Vincent House, Horsham, RH12 2DP, or by phoning (01403) 210406.
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