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Passion without Pain

1 June 1999
``Not tonight love, I’ve got a headache.’’ How many times has this been used as an excuse when the underlying problem is back pain? The leading medical charity, Action Research is funding a pioneering study to pin-point possible causes of this chronic condition. Some 300,000 people are off work every day with backache and yet our understanding of what causes the pain remains poor. One theory by medical specialists is that pain can be caused both directly and indirectly by changes to the intervertebral disc. Thanks to a cash award of nearly £100,000 doctors at Keele University, Stoke on Trent and Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District Hospital, Oswestry will investigate factors which allow nerves to grow into discs, some of which may be directly responsible for pain. Director of Communications, John Grounds said: ``Backache can cause a variety of stresses and strains on everyday life. Only by understanding pain-generating processes can we hope to develop ways of counteracting them and offer victims a little relief.’’
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