Sheffield doctor receives prestigious award | Action Medical Research

Sheffield doctor receives prestigious award

26 July 1999
A monetary award from the leading medical charity, Action Research, will enable a Sheffield doctor to find out whether patients with osteoporosis should be routinely screened for coeliac disease. The grant worth £108,516, will allow Dr David Sanders to spend two years at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, looking at the affects of this under-diagnosed disease, caused by sensitivity of gluten in the diet. Coeliac disease affects young children and adults and classic features include diarrhoea, weight loss, weakness and a failure to absorb calcium. However, often these patients are asymptomatic . Removing gluten from the diet can improve the condition, and will reverse the reduction thus making the incidence of fractures less frequent. The Action Research Training Fellowships are awarded to young medical or science graduates for training in specific research techniques. From 94 applications received this year, only five were successful. Director General of the charity, Anne Luther, said: ``David’s study should allow treatment of coeliac disease in a group of patients who might not otherwise have received proper medical attention for their condition.’’
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