St Thomas’ researcher receives cash boost | Action Medical Research

St Thomas’ researcher receives cash boost

17 December 1999
A medical specialist at St Thomas’ Hospital has received over £100,000 from Action Research to carry out new research into coeliac disease. This common disease is caused by a sensitivity to gluten in the diet and affects one in 300 people in the UK. The condition is exacerbated by wheat, rye, barley and possibly oats and if undiagnosed, can be serious, particularly in children. Professor Paul Ciclitira will investigate how common coeliac disease is in families who have more than one affected member. He said: "The research will involve screening all available relatives in these affected families using sensitive blood tests as a prelude to diagnosing the disease bya small intestine biopsy." The project will build on previous work to identify genes associated with coeliac disease and will determine whether there is a subgroup of people with a dormant form of this disease. Action Research is also funding two additional grants, in Sheffield and London, looking into coeliac disease - a total commitment of over £200,000.
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