Statement regarding possible arthritis cure | Action Medical Research

Statement regarding possible arthritis cure

30 October 2000
Leading medical research charity, Action Research, welcomes the exciting reports of possible new treatment for arthritis sufferers. As a charity which funds research into both arthritis and other auto-immune diseases, such as the potentially debilitating Crohn’s Disease, Action Research hopes the discovery could be of lasting benefit to existing and future sufferers. Action Research is leading pioneering work into Crohn’s Diease, and says the new research could also add important ammunition to the charity’s campaign to call on the government to make Crohn’s notifiable. Action Research, which funds research at the cutting edge of medicine, is currently funding two projects which aim to improve the success of finger joint replacements - an operation which can significantly help restore arthritis sufferers’ ability to perform simple everyday tasks. Director of Communications and Marketing, John Grounds, says: ‘Auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and Crohn’s Disease can be terribly painful and disabling, not to mention costly. Such crippling conditions warrant adequate recognition, funding and research to help improve treatment and restore some independence to sufferers.’
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