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Sussex-based medical charity injects millions into vital research

6 January 1999
Fourteen pioneering medical research projects across the country began 1999 with a massive cash injection of £l.3 million thanks to charity Action Research. The Sussex-based charity made the awards on the basis of scientific excellence following a rigorous selection process by world experts. The chosen projects are at the cutting edge of medical innovation. A team of doctors in Manchester has been awarded £67,034 to investigate the causes and possible treatments of male osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more commonly thought of as a female disease yet it is equally severe in men and often difficult to treat. It affects 1 in 12 men in the UK, some as young as 30. Another grant of £72,376 has been made to a Yorkshire-based team to undertake research which could eventually lead to a vaccine and better treatments for Hepatitis C. HCV infection affects up to 240 million people worldwide. Around 20 per cent of sufferers develop severe liver disease which can be fatal. Current treatments are variable in success and there is no vaccine. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a condition which causes pain to extremities, such as hands and feet, and can cause paralysis. It affects 2000 people each year in the UK, 20 per cent of whom will die or become disabled. A team at London's Guy's Hospital are seeking to show that the disease is caused by the body attacking its own tissue. They have been awarded £44, 215, and their findings could help to improve treatments for these patients. Other areas of research covered by some of the new grants include diabetes, muscular dystrophy, nerve injury, and brain damage in babies.
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