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What else would I be doing at the end of July, other than cycling to Paris?

6 July 2005
What else would I be doing at the end of July, other than cycling to Paris? Spalding man Stuart Barney is currently in training for his fourth trip to Paris –by bicycle. Stuart first got involved in the London to Paris bike ride, an annual event organised by Action Medical Research, in 2002 as the culmination of a fitness drive which he had started the year before. ”I started out with short rides at the weekend, then I decided to start cycling the 14 mile round trip to work each day. It wasn’t long before I was looking for a new challenge to push me a bit further, and then I saw an advertisement for the Action Medical Research trip.” Stuart achieved his ambition by being one of a group of 70 who took on the mammoth ride, which culminates at the Eiffel Tower and leaves the exhausted riders time to see the professionals at work as they pass by as part of the Tour de France. The following year, Stuart wondered if he could match the experience, but he signed up and despite torrential rain, loved every second of the ride and the sense of achievement, and couldn’t wait to sign up again for 2004. By then, over 200 people were taking part, and Stuart didn’t hesitate to join them, or to sign up again for July this year. When asked why he puts himself up for such a physical trial year after year, Stuart said: ”It’s a great, fun event, really well organised with friendly, enthusiastic staff. It’s a great way to meet new people and the sense of achievement that you have cycling around the Arc de Triomphe and along the Champs Elysees really is unforgettable – that alone makes the ride worth doing year after year.” But it’s not just the sense of personal achievement that motivates Stuart: ”When I first started I saw the ride primarily as a personal challenge. Having spoken to people who have benefited from the work of Action Medical Research through the bike rides, I now appreciate the need for fundraising more. After all, who knows? Maybe my friends, family or myself in the future will directly benefit from the latest research that is being funded by the charity.” ## ENDS NOTES TO EDITORS Stuart Barney is available for interview. Images available on request. For more information about Action Medical Research, please contact: Zoë Mitchell PR Officer Action Medical Research Tel: 01403 327404 Email: zmitchell@action.org.uk
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