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World Crisis Hits Health Charity

21 September 2001
Action Research, the leading medical research charity, has postponed a major fundraising event because of potential instability in the Middle East and Asia in the wake of recent events in the USA. Over 20 volunteers have raised thousands of pounds of sponsorship to take part in a Trek in Nepal next month. They will now be asked to go in April 2002. Action Research, which is committed to helping overcome disease and disability, depends on the revenue generated from fundraising activities to pump into research projects at the cutting edge of medicine. Action Research’s Director of Campaigns and Communications, John Grounds, said: “Sadly we have had to postpone this adventure of a lifetime as we simply cannot guarantee that airlines are able to fly to and from Nepal via neighbouring countries.” Mr Grounds added: “We believe this is the only responsible source of action. We feel desperately sorry for the volunteers who have worked so hard to raise the sponsorship required for the trek. We hope that they all can make the rescheduled trip in April”. One of the volunteers, Nick Davies said: “The possibility and the uncertainty of being stranded in Nepal would be a major worry, not just for us, but for my family at home. Obviously I feel very disappointed, as for the last twelve months I have been geared up for the trip. However I do hope to be able to take part in 2002”. Action Research celebrates its 50th anniversary 2002 - 50 years in which we have touched the lives of everyone in Britain. Our support has been crucial in the development of life-saving polio and rubella vaccines, the artificial hip operation, the use of ultrasound scans in pregnancy and the use of folic acid to prevent spina bifida. For further media information, please contact Mike Deyes on 01403 327429.
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