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Cash in the Attic

It’s time to clear out your cupboards and wardrobes and donate items that we can sell through the Action eBay pages.

Supporting Action on the bike, running a marathon or consuming produce from the next office cake bake sale may not float your boat but you can help to make a big difference by supporting our virtual Charity shop.

Those of you that are familiar with eBay will already know all kinds of things are sold on eBay and it is sometime surprising what folk will purchase.  Post and package is generally charged as an extra so we will see 100% of the sale from items added to the PB fundraising total.

Collectables, Fashion, Home & Garden, Electronics, Sports and Leisure, Collectables, Health and Beauty will all find a new home so let's get ready to stock the shelves and open our virtual shop. 

If your items is rare or has a known significant value then do let us know. We will check all items before applying to eBay and will seek expert advice where required.  We will refer back to contributors, in the first instance, if we identify items of significant value - just in case anyone has inadvertently donated a family heirloom

If you have access to 'Money can't buy', one-of-a-kind items/experiences then do let us know.

Your Price Bailey Charity Champions will let you know when to bring your items into the office. These will be checked and prepared for sale by Action Medical Research. 



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