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How your support is helping to save
and change children's lives.

Jack's story

Jack was given a 50/50 chance of surviving his early arrival. He still has ongoing health issues as a result of being born too soon. Find out how, with your help, we're fighting to stop premature birth.

Saving tiny lives

Our recent appeal has raised almost £20,000 to fund research into preventing premature birth. There's still time to add your support and help babies like Lucy and Olivia, who were born almost four months early.

Watch Lily's story

Our new film features Lily who has BPAN, a devastating and life-shortening rare disease for which there is currently no cure. Watch to see why your support means so much to families like Lily’s.

Fighting neuroblastoma

Felix was four when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. He tragically lost his fight aged just six. With your support we’re funding research to try and give children the best possible chance against this cancer.

Stopping the spread of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever has made a worrying comeback and the bacteria that cause the infection can sometimes trigger more dangerous illnesses. New research aims to reduce its spread.

Future stars of children's research

This year we celebrate 45 years of our Research Training Fellowship scheme. This supports the most promising doctors and researchers early in their careers – developing and training future leaders in children’s research.

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