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Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer.  Established in 1914 in Bologna the Maserati tagline is luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars - to build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power. 

Maserati has supported Action for a number of years, sponsoring the ever popular Champions of CycleSport Dinner. As well as making a significant financial contribution to the event they proudly display their luxurious cars, escort the vast array of cycling celebrities and champions to and from the event and donate merchandise.

Maserati has a strong affinity with cycling and their partnership with complements their customers and employees passion for performance, sporting excellence and design provides a natural conduit to the sport.

“The sport is highly contagious. We have seen an ever increasing number of our dealership network and their customers get bitten by the cycling bug in recent years. For Maserati and its customers at least it would appear that cycling is the new golf.”

Peter Denton, Region Manager for Maserati North Europe


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