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What your gift could achieve

A gift in your will could unlock a future medical breakthrough, hold the key to a cure or treatment for a childhood illness, or simply make day-to-day life easier for children suffering illness or living with a disability.

Please don’t think that a gift in your will has to be large to make a difference. It costs an average of just £265 to fund a day’s research, and your gift could help fund a crucial component of a research project:

£6,000 could help fund over 1,000 blood tests to help understand the markers of illnesses like asthma.

£18,000 could help fund 75 MRI scans to investigate the reasons for stillbirth and other pregnancy complications.

£25,000 could help pay for 50 sleep laboratory admissions for children with Down syndrome to gain more information about obstructive sleep apnoea, and help improve its diagnosis.

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