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Paddington Goes To Hospital

Paddington Goes to Hospital book cover

For the first time this Paddington classic is available as an ebook on iTunes Store and Kindle Store, and the authors' royalties for all copies sold in the UK are kindly being donated to Action Medical Research.

Only on iTunes you can buy the special edition which includes the fantastic read-along narration and an introductory video from Action supporter Davina McCall.


When the Browns find Paddington lying on the lawn, unable to remember where he is or even what the word 'bun' stands for, they immediately realise something is seriously wrong and send for an ambulance.

For a while even the doctors are baffled, but gradually all is revealed. One thing is certain, the staff have never had to deal with a patient quite like Paddington before, but then it is his first time in hospital. Both sides agree that they have learned a lot from the experience!

Praise for the Paddington series:

‘I’ve always had great respect for Paddington…He is a British institution.’
Stephen Fry

‘Paddington has joined Pooh as one of the great bears of English children’s literature.’
The Teacher

‘Michael Bond’s accident-prone bear…has become one of the most enduring of children’s characters.’
The Bookseller

Paddington and Action Medical Research

Paddington has been at the heart of fundraising for Action Medical Research ever since his creator, Michael Bond, met the charity’s founder, Duncan Guthrie, in 1976. Paddington likes to help wherever he can and so, after chewing over the matter with Mr Bond, he agreed to become the charity’s official mascot.

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