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Touching Lives

April 2017

We’re delighted to be celebrating our 65th anniversary this year. We’ve been funding vital medical research since 1952, when we helped introduce the first polio vaccines in the UK. Since then supporters like you have helped fund more than £117m of research, resulting in some amazing breakthroughs. But there is still so much more to do. Which is why we hope you’ll enjoy reading about what we’re doing now and new research we’re funding.

This spring issue features current projects to tackle complications caused by cystic fibrosis and to help babies who have suffered life-threatening brain damage at or around birth. Plus there’s news of research to help children like our gorgeous cover star Tom who has severe cerebral palsy.

We’re also excited to share some success stories, including how Action funding has made a global impact helping to diagnose and support children and young people with developmental coordination disorder. 

As always, everything we do is only made possible through the support of people like you, who help us fund the very best research. So thank you. 

We have recently updated our supporter promise and privacy policy – you can read them here

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September 2016

Here at Action we’re very proud of the research we fund to help babies, children and young people. This year we’ve had two wonderful opportunities to showcase this important work at prestigious events, one of them held at Buckingham Palace no less (which you can read about here).

Of course, it’s thanks to supporters like you that we are able to fund life-changing medical research and this new issue of Touching Lives highlights more of the vital work you are helping to make possible. It illustrates the hope being given and progress being made, thanks to your generous donations.

Our cover star Kira reminds us how, sadly, life can change in an instant. A terrible accident as a toddler caused major brain injury and, despite making an amazing recovery, it has left her with long-term disabilities. We’re currently funding two projects to help children who have survived serious head injuries. 

We hope you enjoy reading about how, together, we are making a difference for sick babies and children.

PS Please don’t forget to order your charity Christmas cards from us. Every single penny raised from their sale comes straight to Action!

April 2016

Welcome to our latest issue of Touching Lives. Spring is a time of new beginnings and we have lots of fresh, exciting things happening here at Action – our new Fight for Little Lives message, a new weekly lottery and, most importantly, new research being funded thanks to our wonderful supporters and fundraisers.

We’re currently funding research into a range of conditions, including pre-eclampsia – the life-threatening pregnancy complication that saw our beautiful cover star Emily delivered six weeks early. 

Some of our recent grants have been funded in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. By working together we are able to support more vital research than we could have funded alone – offering hope to more sick babies and children.

Everything we do is a team effort and our supporters play the most crucial part. There are many different ways to help us raise money. Our summer Cream Teas event is a nice, easy one. Running a marathon, a little bit tougher!

However you choose to support us, we hope you find this issue an inspiring read.

September 2015

Welcome to our autumn/winter issue of Touching Lives. We hope you’ll enjoy reading all about our latest research to help sick babies and children, and the fundraising that makes this vital work possible. Your support plays such a crucial role, so please feel proud to share in our good news.

We have exciting updates to share from three research projects that are set to improve the way the most vulnerable new arrivals are cared for. You can read about the HeartLight sensor, a potentially life-saving piece of equipment to help babies who are struggling to breathe at birth. Also featured is Daisy, who took part in Action-funded trials of this device. 

Success stories are wonderful but there are always many more children who still need the help and hope that medical research can bring. The beautiful boy in our lead story is Alfie and, sadly, behind his lovely smile is a story of struggle and pain. He has severe cerebral palsy, affecting all his limbs, and requires round-the-clock care. 

As summer draws to a close, so does our main challenge events season. If you’re looking ahead to next year’s activities and need inspiration then read our running midwife, Michelle’s story.

Of course, you don’t have to break into a sweat to raise money for us, as our cream teas fundraiser shows. And another easy way to show your support is by ordering your Christmas cards from us. We have some stunning designs and every penny raised comes straight to Action!

Thank you, as ever, for reading.

April 2015

Welcome to our Spring/summer issue of Touching Lives – where you can read about our work helping sick babies and children and the fantastic fundraising support that makes this vital research possible.

Our cover story is all about one very tiny life. Samuel was born early at just 30 weeks. Now three months old, although he is still quite small, he is doing well. New mum Jo explains what a new test to help prevent babies from being born too soon means to her family.

You can also find out how tiny and vulnerable babies can now be saved from losing their sight, and read about how research funded by Action is enabling doctors to unlock the mystery of the rare and potentially fatal illness Startle disease. We’re happy to report that little Scarlett went home safe and sound after her diagnosis at just two weeks old. And, following an Action funded study, many more babies’ lives can now be changed for the better.

Brave parents Mark and Amanda share their experience of another rare disease, Jeune syndrome, which affects their son Joshua. The family is heartened by the work of our Research Training Fellow Dr Miriam Schmidts who has identified new genetic causes for this devastating condition.

Inspired by our work after his son was born too early and developed a life-threatening bowel condition, keen cyclist Chris is riding all the way to Paris to raise funds for Action Medical Research – accompanied by his 65-year-old father.

As spring turns to summer, our supporters are taking to country lanes and city parks, climbing muddy assault courses, crossing the Channel, walking, cycling and running for Action. Every effort helps us save and change the lives of babies and children. But many people help us in quieter ways, too. From helping out in the office to organising major events, our volunteers are an inspiring and essential part of Action. Thank you all!

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