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Touching Lives - April 2015

BBC Radio 4 charity appeal for Action

Dr Dawn Harper BBC Radio 4 appealAs you may remember, TV presenter, medic and Action Ambassador Dr Dawn Harper was the voice of our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal last summer. We are delighted to report that the two-minute broadcast raised £4,500.

As a GP and mum of three, Dr Dawn knows just how important medical research is. Two of her children were born prematurely and spent weeks in special care. Thankfully they have grown up to be healthy young adults, but not everyone is so lucky.

Every year in the UK over 60,000 babies are born too early and, sadly, around 1,300 of these babies die. Despite premature birth being the biggest killer of babies in the UK, we still don’t know what causes it or how to prevent it.

The money raised from the BBC Radio 4 appeal is helping to fund medical research which can save and change the lives of babies born too soon – babies like tiny twins Harry and Joshua who were born 15 weeks early. Tragically, Harry died when he was just under a day old in his father’s arms. Little Joshua finally went home after four months in hospital and, despite his traumatic start in life, is now a happy little boy. Their experience has changed the family forever: each day they live with their loss of Harry and the unanswered question ‘why’.

If you missed the appeal, it’s not too late – visit until 23 August 2015.

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