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Touching Lives - April 2015

Why legacies matter so much

Action Vice President and former Chair of Trustees Richard Price explains why legacies are so essential to the charity and how easy it is to make those all-important arrangements.

Why do you support Action Medical Research?

For almost as long as I can remember Action has been part of my life. My mother was a lifelong supporter of the charity and I have vivid childhood memories of helping her at fundraising events. We sold raffle tickets and Christmas cards, ‘doing our bit’ for medical research. I also had the privilege to chair the charity for six years and champion our cause. I witnessed first-hand the exceptional work carried out by researchers, made possible only by the truly amazing fundraising efforts of our supporters and volunteers.

What is important to you?

It matters greatly to me that we are able to continue funding a wide range of research projects for children and babies. That’s why I have followed my mother’s example and have left a gift in my will to Action. It is good to know that long after I am gone the charity’s work will continue. And that I have played some small part in making more medical breakthroughs a reality.

Why are gifts in wills so essential to the charity?

The fact is gifts in wills are absolutely vital to Action Medical Research. We currently can only afford to fund around half of the children’s research that we want to simply because of lack of funds; research which could well deliver new treatments or cures for sick babies and children. Many people may have limited opportunity to make significant gifts to charities during their lifetime, even if they would like to do so. So a gift in your will is an ideal way to support Action. It costs next to nothing now but could have a huge impact on future generations.

What would you like people to do?

I’d like everyone who reads Touching Lives to consider leaving a gift in their will to Action. Of course it’s a personal choice and close friends and family come first. But leaving a legacy, whatever its size, will help Action fund vital research in the future. Please will you think about it?

Was it easy to include Action in your will?

Making a will was a simple process and cost very little to do. If you already have a will, amending it to include Action can be so easy. You just complete a codicil form. You can download one at action.org.uk/codicil or call 01403 327414 and we’ll send one to you.

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