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Touching Lives - February 2007

Why I support Action Medical Research

Why did you decide to give to charity in this way? During my lifetime donations to charity have been restricted, but after my death my favourite charities will gain from a gift in my Will. As Action Medical Research is all about saving life and improving the quality of life, it appeals to me that many others will be able to benefit through my death.

After my husband died 4 years ago it was necessary for me to make changes to my original Will, made many years earlier when my children were small and when I thought I was immortal. As a long-term supporter of Action Medical Research I want to be sure that after looking after my family I also include a gift to the Charity.

Why did you choose Action Medical Research? I have supported Action Medical Research for many years and I believe that the Charity makes good use of the limited resources at their disposal. My own family has benefited from the research work of the Charity, such as the polio and rubella vaccines, ultrasound and now the next generation is being helped by mums taking folic acid during their pregnancies.

Was it easy to organise leaving a gift in your Will? It was surprisingly easy to organise. I instructed my solicitor, the Will was drawn up, witnessed by two colleagues, signed — and that was all there was to it.

Are any areas of research particularly important to you? I am impressed that Action Medical Research fund research which will benefit so many people; I have heard grantholders talk about their research work and I have been amazed that on many occasions a simple solution has been found which prevents disability or alleviates the problems of a disabling condition. Now I have my own grandchildren I am really grateful that there are so many procedures available to ensure that they will have the best chance of having a healthy life. TL

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