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Touching Lives - July 2008

Action at the Palace

One hundred guests enjoyed a tremendous evening with fascinating presentations by some of the very best researchers from across the UK, one of whom flew in especially from Australia!

His Royal Highness, in his capacity as Patron of Action Medical Research, made a compelling speech explaining the necessity for medical research and emphasising the leading role that Action Medical Research has played in funding ground-breaking work during the many years that he has been associated with the Charity. He explained that our current grantholders are continuing this tradition, striving to make the next big breakthrough.

Fiona Bruce, President of the Action Partners scheme, also addressed the gathering, explaining how the programme is dedicated to funding medical advances in the treatment of expectant mums, newborn babies and children as well those who suffer from a wide range of other conditions.

Action Partners themselves are at the forefront of our work, closely involved with specific projects we undertake — projects that need financial impetus to achieve the breakthrough results we hope for. Individuals and companies can become Action Partners by giving a minimum of £5,000 a year for three years which can be concentrated on a particular area of research.

Action Medical Research was delighted to be able to present guests with the chance to speak to previous and current grant holders: Dr Barrie Hayes-Gill, Professor Chris Langton, Dr Alistair McEwan, Professor Phil Bennett, Dr Mark Mon-Williams and Professor Norman Ratcliffe, whose research covers areas including premature birth, MRSA, osteoporosis and coordination problems in children.

Since the Action Partners scheme was launched in November 2006, we have welcomed 20 Action Partners, most of whom attended the reception. Among them was Warren Bailey, Managing Director of ZipVit, and his wife Veronica. ZipVit, a company which sells vitamins and supplements, recently ran a promotion in which a donation of £1 was made to Action Medical Research for each order they received of £25 or more — this raised £50,000.

ZipVit fund work on osteoporosis, and in particular Professor Chris Langton’s study, which is seeking to improve the ability to predict those likely to suffer a hip fracture and thereby prescribe appropriate preventative treatment.

Another Action Partner present was Drew Nicholson, Managing Director of DNX Marketing, whose staff recently kicked off their fundraising with a sponsored pram race, which raised over £2,500.

To find out more about the Action Partners scheme, please contact Toby Tennant on or call 01403 327436.

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