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Touching Lives - July 2008

Focus for the future

This is a decision based on unmet medical need, a lack of funding by government and the pharmaceutical industry in this area, and our track record of supporting high quality research for the benefit of the unborn child, babies, children and young people.

Breakthroughs that we have helped to fund — from our roots in developing the polio vaccine to lesser known breakthroughs such as developing a special diet that has helped increase the survival rates of children undergoing a liver transplant from 50 per cent to 90 per cent — have saved thousands of children and transformed the lives of many more.

Action Medical Research has achieved so much in its history, yet there is still a lot to learn about what triggers some childhood diseases, how to prevent them or the best way to treat them once they occur. Currently, half of the research projects funded by Action Medical Research aim to benefit babies and children, and we are absolutely sure that with your continued support we can do a great deal to prevent and treat the diseases that cause so much distress and suffering, both to those babies and children who are ill.

Touching Lives will keep you up-todate with this exciting development over the coming months.

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