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Touching Lives - June 2006

Stand Up for Tiny Lives - petition update

A huge thank you to all our readers and supporters who responded to the appeal for signatures for our Stand Up for Tiny Lives petition in the last issue. We saw a surge in online signatories at the time of mailing, and have also been inundated with the pink slips that were enclosed in copies of the Spring magazine, containing signatures of hundreds of our readers as well as their friends and families.

The petition has also been championed by The Sun, Britain’s best-selling newspaper, through a double page article on premature birth, which appeared in the 6th April edition and gave the Stand Up website address. This again led to a sharp rise in signatories, and brought our campaign to a national audience. The Birth Trauma Association and Antenatal Results and Choices have also pledged their support.

But the work doesn’t stop there.The petition is running until December, when we will be handing it in to Downing Street, and we need as many signatories as possible to make the Government listen. If you haven’t signed already, you can do so by logging onto

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