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Touching Lives - June 2006

Seal of approval for street fundraising

The PFRA is a body that works with charities, fundraising organisations and local authorities to ensure best practice in street fundraising. Charities accredited with the PFRA have to provide evidence of best practice in fundraising and adherence to the relevant codes of practice. They also have to commit to looking after the interests of supporters and the general public at all times.

Marcia Hibberd of Action Medical Research says, “We are delighted to receive our accreditation from the PFRA. It is a tremendous honour for the Charity and demonstrates clearly our commitment to the highest standards in fundraising and supporter care.”

Action Medical Research’s street fundraising continues to be a very successful way of recruiting supporters. Since May 2005, over 2,500 new donors have pledged more than £340,000 annually to fund important medical research. In May 2006, our fundraisers — assisted by Lewis Coghlin and Marcia Hibberd of the Charity — recruited an additional 450 new direct debit supporters in London and the South East.

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