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Touching Lives - June 2006

Touching Tiny Lives -- nearly halfway there!

We have so far raised an amazing £1.4 million towards the Campaign — a fantastic achievement, thanks to the wonderful efforts of our supporters. We are well on the way to reaching our campaign target of £3 million by the end of 2007, which we need to complete this vital research programme.

Research highlights

We have been able to start 20 new research projects since the Touching Tiny Lives Campaign began. This is excellent progress and shows just what can be achieved through a strong campaign. Many of these projects are investigating the causes of premature birth and serious pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia and obstetric cholestasis.

Other research is aiming to help babies who have been born with problems and need extra help. One such project, based in Bristol, is looking to identify new treatments for hydrocephalus, commonly known as ‘water on the brain’. In this condition the fluid in the brain is produced more quickly than it can be reabsorbed, which causes the baby’s skull to expand. This research team hope to identify the first safe, non-surgical treatment for hydrocephalus, which will in turn reduce the number of babies who suffer life-long disability. You can read more about this work on page 14.

Touching Tiny Lives research work is taking place now, and you can expect to hear the results of this vital research in the coming months and years.

Stand Up for Tiny Lives

As you may have read on page 5 our online petition is going great guns. We have already received well over 2,500 online signatures, and had a fantastic response to the paper petitions circulated in Touching Lives and at our fundraising events.

There is no doubt that Action Medical Research is making an enormous difference to delivering the next breakthroughs in this under-funded area of research, but our campaign is addressing huge medical problems. We believe the Government must also do more to help fund research work in this neglected field. With more resources, we are going to find the answers that much faster. That is why this petition is so important.

Fundraising highlights

There have been so many fundraising highlights in recent months. Unfortunately we cannot list them all, but here is a snapshot of some of the generous ways in which people are supporting Touching Tiny Lives.

Trust in us We have received a very generous donation of £120,000 from a charitable trust, and the money is being used to fully fund a project investigating a serious respiratory problem called bronchiolitis. This disease can be life-threatening and affects babies and young children, especially those born prematurely.

Cycling mad The Barking Badgers group, headed by Tesco’s Tim Mason, took on another cycling challenge in support of the campaign this year. Some 50 cyclists scaled the heights of the Sierra Nevada mountains, following the route of La Vuelta cycle race in Spain.The group, hopes to raise £70,000, which will fund the first year of a research project into preventing childhood blindness.

New donors New supporters are joining us every month, having responded to our Touching Tiny Lives television advert that asks viewers to give a regular donation. The advert has been screened on several digital TV channels. Thanks also to those donors who have recently joined us through our street fundraising, many of whom are keen to support the Touching Tiny Lives Campaign.

Tea for Tiny Lives For the second year running, several enterprising Action Medical Research committees are holding a Tea for Tiny Lives fundraiser. This involves selling cream teas to local companies and organisations, in return for a donation.We are on course to deliver some 3,000 teas during June and July, raising much-needed funds.

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