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Touching Lives - June 2007

Touching Tiny Lives -- the campaign goes on!

Babies’ lives are being made safer thanks to the wonderful supporters of the Action Medical Research Touching Tiny Lives campaign. And we are not giving up now!

In 2005, Action Medical Research set an ambitious target of raising £3 million over three years to help sick and vulnerable babies.We set out to save lives by funding vital new medical research into pregnancy complications and premature birth. And we were also passionate about improving the quality of life for the many vulnerable babies who cheat death, but suffer lasting medical problems. And why did we focus on these particular concerns for the campaign? Well, the stark statistics speak for themselves.

Biggest killer of under ones

Around 70,000 newborn babies a year need special care — that’s a staggering one in ten of all babies in the UK. Tragically, more than 3,000 babies die before their first birthday and premature birth is the biggest cause. Doctors still do not fully understand what causes premature birth, and as yet there are no effective treatments to prevent premature labour. Of those premature babies that do survive, many thousands will spend a lifetime coping with effects such as cerebral palsy, lung problems, impaired sight and learning difficulties.

So far, our generous supporters have raised more than £2.5 million for Action Medical Research’s vital new research programme.We are well on the way to reaching our target by the end of this year.Thanks to you, the Charity has started funding 26 research projects focusing on vulnerable babies and expectant mothers — you can read more about these projects in the following pages.This is a tremendous achievement and real progress in the fight to give mothers and babies a healthier future.

We are determined to reduce the number of women affected by pregnancy complications and the number of babies born prematurely.These are huge medical problems, which is why we believe we can’t stop Touching Tiny Lives now. We must press on and achieve the breakthroughs that so many people are depending on.

Boosting the appeal

That’s why we have decided to continue the Touching Tiny Lives fundraising appeal, with the goal of raising even more.This will enable us to boost the research we fund and find the answers that much faster.

Since our campaign began we have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received. Our donors have given so generously and our volunteer fundraising Committees have really got behind the campaign and organised such successful events around the country. And the many supporters who have pulled on their walking shoes and climbed on their bikes to raise money for the campaign have been truly inspiring.

Many of you have moved us beyond measure with stories of your own loss; longed-for babies who didn’t make it, adored children whose lives will bear the scars of premature birth, and precious healthy babies who are only alive today thanks to medical intervention made possible by scientific research.

Lobbying Government

This area of medical research is desperately under-funded.This is why Action Medical Research will continue calling on the Government to increase spending on the kinds of research funded by Touching Tiny Lives.We believe the Government can no longer stand by and expect charities to shoulder so much of the responsibility.

Action Medical Research and the Touching Tiny Lives Campaign are entirely reliant on voluntary donations. Without ‘You’, there wouldn’t be ‘Us’. Thank you for your generous help. By working together, we can keep the momentum going and keep up the fight to save more babies now and in the future. Our dream is to prevent prematurity.We’re already making a difference, please help us reach ever closer towards our goal. TL

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