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Touching Lives - November 2006

Meet the researchers

How did you become involved in this area of medical research? I qualified as a doctor in Australia, began training as an ophthalmologist in 2000, and moved to England in 2004 to do a fellowship in cornea and external disease. This led to the PhD project I am working on during my research training fellowship.

How do you feel about this particular research opportunity? This fellowship will allow me to concentrate on carrying out this much-needed research, to improve understanding and offer potential new therapies to treat this difficult and devastating disease, MMP (mucous membrane pemphigoid — a disabling condition causing blistering to the eyes). I am extremely honoured and proud that Action Medical Research has recognised my work.

Do you have any long-term personal goals? My long term goal is to be a clinicianscientist; that is a doctor who looks after patients with eye disease, and who also leads research into eye disease.

What do you do to relax? I keep fit by running, which helps me stay healthy and stop falling asleep! I enjoy organising events and am the wine club co-organiser at the postgraduate college where I live. I am learning how to play golf as my husband is a golf enthusiast. We also love reading and belong to the book club.

Anything else you’d like to add? My favourite film is Pulp Fiction, my favourite food is aubergine, and my party trick is making my ears wiggle! TL

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