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Touching Lives - November 2006

Why I support Action Medical Research

How did you first hear about Action Medical Research? I’ve been involved for so long now that it’s hard to remember. It would either have been through my career in nursing, or the Guildford Club for the Disabled, for whom I volunteered for many years.

Why made you decide to support the Charity? My mother was an active member of the Shaftsbury Society Home in Bournemouth, so I had been around disabled children as a child. Action Medical Research was working hard to help such children at the time.

By what method do you support Action Medical Research? I regularly send a cheque directly to Action Medical Research’s Head Office, simply because it is convenient, but I also make an effort to attend local events held by the fundraising committees in my area. I particularly enjoy attending the May Fair each year.

What aspect of our medical research is important to you and why? The issues surrounding premature birth in babies have touched me, particularly over the past ten years as I have witnessed people in my social circle experience this with their children.

Are there any areas of research you would be most keen to see taking place, and why? Of course the Touching Tiny Lives Campaign is bringing much needed attention to the problems associated with premature birth; but I also have a strong awareness of those who are born with terrible disabilities that we need so much to understand and find cures for. TL

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