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Touching Lives - November 2007

New grants lead the way

One of the Charity’s new grants is that awarded to a team at Imperial College London, led by Dr Dan Agranoff. With their award of £99,850, supported by a wonderful donation from one of our most generous supporters, the team is studying bronchiolitis, a common lung illness responsible for the hospitalisation of 20,000 infants a year in the UK.The researchers aim to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of the RSV virus (which causes most cases of bronchiolitis), help predict which babies require intensive care support and identify human and RSV proteins which are key to the development of the disease. Action Medical Research supports work to help everyone from the youngest members of society to the very old. In our latest awards, the Charity is funding a study into improving prediction of osteoporosis, a condition that causes misery to so many older people. An ultrasound measurement of a person’s heel can be used to predict their risk of suffering an osteoporotic fracture, but the method has limitations as it is not known exactly how the measurement depends upon the density and structure of the bone.The research team, led by Professor Chris Langton at Hull University, is ultimately aiming to produce an improved ultrasound measurement that will further improve the ability to predict risk of fracture and thereby prescribe preventative treatment. Other grants awarded cover a wide variety of diseases and conditions, from improving diagnosis and treatment of blinding conditions, to hydrocephalus and brain haemorrhage in premature babies, to Crohn’s disease and meningitis. As Action Medical Research’s Dr Yolande Harley says, “The Charity’s new grants are supporting a fantastic set of scientific projects.We are looking forward to following the exciting developments from these novel studies.”

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