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Touching Lives - October 2008

Hope for children

Discussions are underway with our scientific advisors to create a research strategy for the future, based on the medical needs of children in the UK. The strategy will also be flexible enough to make the most of promising trends in medical research, and offer vital support for diseases and conditions that other funders do not treat as a priority.

The Charity plans to work more closely with leading children’s hospitals and paediatric units throughout the UK to support important research that can be translated into new treatments and better diagnostic techniques.

It is important that we continue our special appeal, Touching Tiny Lives, raising much needed funds to help find the answers to pregnancy complications, reduce premature birth and improve care for sick babies. Plus, from next year we will also expand the number of children’s research projects to tackle some of the most distressing childhood conditions. There is so much work to be done — we want to do much more to find new ways to prevent children dying from life-threatening infections such as meningitis, develop new treatments for children with rare and complex diseases for which there are currently no cures, and work even harder to improve the quality for life for children with disabling conditions such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy.

With none of the major medical research funders concentrating on children’s research and a government priority on research into ageing, we need your vital support to step up our crucial work.

Of course this is not an overnight change and we will continue to support previously awarded grants with the potential to improve health for people of all ages.

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