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Touching Lives - October 2009

Wonderful Willem pushes himself to limit for Action

Showing just how far some of our Action Partners will go in support of Action Medical Research is a 42-year-old human dynamo called Willem who is putting his body through some of the charity’s most extreme challenges to help raise funds.

Willem, who has requested not to have his surname published, has completed some extraordinary cycling feats for the charity having challenged himself to pedal an incredible 5,000 kms to raise £5,000 for us in 2009.

Willem built himself up with extensive training rides before tackling the 100-mile Castle Ride, the Surrey 100 and the fastest and most furious of the charity’s bike challenges, RIDE24.

In addition to all that, Willem cycled through 11 cities in his homeland Holland in the course of one day; that’s a staggering 240km!

After completing Ride24, Touching Lives caught up with Willem (which isn’t easy) for his comments on having reached the end of this awesome Le Mans-style cycling relay event.

He told us: “After cycling from London to Paris for the charity in 2008, I really got back into cycling. The RIDE24 event sounded like an excellent challenge event, combining a massive cycling test with an opportunity to raise some money for a very worthy cause.

“I managed to get a team together, consisting of myself and my friends Mark and Richard (all Barclays Capital employees) plus Rob, a friend of Richard’s. It was quite a tough event, because of the competitive element and the duration of the race. None of our team got much sleep, but the atmosphere was spectacular: how often do you get to ride at 3am for example?

“We finished 6th overall and had the winner of the fastest lap competition in Richard. We also managed to raise almost £2,000 in sponsorship for Action Medical Research. We are looking forward to the 2010 event!”

If you would like to help Willem achieve his fundraising goal, visit his website http://www.action.org.uk/sponsor/wp2009

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