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Touching Lives - October 2010

Tiny steps towards a big change

Walk for Tiny Lives got off to a stomping start in Portsmouth in July. Sixteen families comprising all generations headed down to the sunny seafront to walk the 3km route in Hampshire.

Participants included a network of local mums and a 15-year-old boy who was delivered prematurely on doctor’s advice as his older brother had died shortly after birth. Nathan Jones and his mum took part because they wanted to try and help other parents who had been through a similar experience. In fact, Nathan was so keen, he ran the whole way.

Everyone said they had lots of fun – they even gained some local knowledge by doing a historical quiz along the way. And Action mascot Paddington Bear was there to greet them at the finish line.

A fantastic £1,300 has been pledged, which is a great start for the initiative. “We’ve done very well considering this is the first year,” said Leigh-Beth Stroud, Action Medical Research Community Fundraiser for London and the South East. “The families have been brilliant and said they would like to do it again.”

Walk for Tiny Lives events also took place in Lanarkshire and Bury St Edmunds in September, with more being organised by individuals around the UK.

[Get involved](http://www.walkfortinylives.org.uk/) with Walk for Tiny Lives and help support the millions of people in the UK who have been affected by premature birth.

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