Touching Lives - October 2012 | Action Medical Research

Touching Lives - October 2012

Welcome to this autumn/winter edition of Touching Lives, which is packed with articles on our latest research work and fundraising.

On pages 4 to 5 you can read our moving cover story about baby Scarlett, who was born with a rare brain disorder that means she reacts in an exaggerated way when startled. Scarlett suffered her first of many seizures just a few hours after birth and spent her first five weeks of life in hospital. Read about how her family has learned to live with startle disease – and how your support helps more babies like her.

2012 has been a year of celebrations for us as we mark our 60th anniversary. Our spring issue included an article on how the charity was set up in 1952 by Duncan Guthrie to fight the deadly virus polio. For this issue, we’re highlighting some of our other successes, so turn to pages 10–12 to read about some of the amazing medical breakthroughs our supporters have helped fund through the years.

See pages 6 to 9 for a preview of the most recent research projects we have been funding, including helping to improve a diabetes vaccine, seizures in babies and vitamin D deficiency.

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