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Touching Lives - October 2013

In the saddle with Dr Dawn

TV doctor Dawn Harper, best known as a presenter of Channel 4’s hit show Embarrassing Bodies, has long been a loyal supporter of our work. She caught the cycling bug when she took part in Action London to Paris four years ago and has got on her bike for us every year since. This year, she rode the Action DIVA Warwickshire.

“My support is both professional and personal,” she says. “Two of my three children were born prematurely and benefited from excellent care in Special Care Baby Units. But as a GP, I am all too aware that not every parent is as lucky as me and it is only ongoing research that will change the outlook for some of this country’s most vulnerable babies and children.”

When she signed up for her first 300-mile Action London to Paris ride, Dawn had only been an occasional cyclist at best. “I built up slowly and soon got my confidence and fitness levels up,” she says. “Having a goal to aim for really helped and finishing that first event was a huge buzz.”
“When I started I didn’t have any fancy gear or a flashy bike, just an old mountain bike that had been covered in cobwebs in my garage – you really don’t need anything special to get going. I began riding to and from work in the week and doing longer rides with my husband and friends at weekends.”

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