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Touching Lives - September 2014

Big or small, your legacy gift can make a real difference

While big legacy donations are, of course, always very much appreciated, over half of our legacy gifts last year were for £5,000 or less, but collectively our legacy income amounted to more than £1 million – making a significant difference to the research projects we could fund. It costs around £265 to fund a day’sresearch. Gifts, whatever their size, enable us to fund vital research to help save children from a lifetime of suffering. We currently can only afford to fund around half of the children’s research that we want to simply because of lack of funds; research which could well deliver new treatments or cures for sick babies and children.

Many people may have limited opportunity to make significant gifts to charities during their lifetime, even if they would like to do so. In such cases a gift in your will can be an ideal way to support Action Medical Research. It costs nothing now but could have a huge impact on future generations.

Action’s Chair, Phil Hodkinson, recognises the vital importance of legacy funding and together with his wife Julia, both have pledged to support us in their wills. “To be able to play a part, however small, in potentially unlocking a medical breakthrough in the future is a great feeling today,” he says.

We have produced a new booklet on legacy giving, explaining how legacies can help our work and providing more information on how to leave a gift in your will. You can request a copy here or contact Jane Tarrant by email at or on 01403 327414.

Recent legacies left to the charity have included a share in the estate of Hilda Dodsworth of South Shields, and gifts from Clifford Seller of Slough, Patricia Bailey of Stockport and Betty Cowieson of Fife. We are extremely grateful to them all for their generosity in remembering Action Medical Research and their names will be recorded in our Book of Remembrance at Vincent House.


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