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Touching Lives - September 2016

A gift for families of the future

As a long-term supporter of Action it feels natural for Anne Palmer to remember the charity in her will. Here she explains how she hopes her gift will benefit generations to come.

A mother of three and now a grandmother of seven, it was her family that first inspired Anne to get involved with Action Medical Research back in the early 1970s. Her daughter Jane, her second child, had been seriously ill as a baby, spending more than half of her first year of life in hospital in London.

“Jane was born with a strawberry birth mark in her windpipe,” explains Anne. “We didn’t realise this to start with but as it grew bigger it badly affected her breathing and she nearly died. When she was a month old she had a temporary tracheotomy, an artificial opening made in the windpipe, to help her breathe more easily.”

Despite fears she might not be able to speak properly, Jane thankfully made a full recovery, with just a scar on her throat to show for the trauma.

The following year Anne and her family moved to Yorkshire, where she met an Action supporter. “It didn’t take long to be amazed by the work Action was helping to fund and I wanted to be involved” says Anne. “We’d had so many wonderful things from the health service that I wanted to give something back. I’ve been devoted to the charity ever since.”

With her youngest child still in his pushchair, Anne joined a committee. She went on to become County Chair for Yorkshire, a role she has held for almost 25 years. Most recently she has been helping us to share the importance of legacy giving.

“Some people don’t like to talk about it but one thing is certain in life, we all die,” says Anne.

“I want others to be able to benefit after I’m gone. I see it as investing in the next generation.

“People sometimes assume they need to leave a huge amount of money. Of course, that’s lovely. But even if there’s just a little left after everything else is sorted it would be so incredibly useful to the charity. It could help fund a crucial part of a research project.”

“Legacy giving is such an efficient way of fundraising and a very easy way to support Action,” she concludes. “Even if you have already made a will it is very easy to amend it, so please don’t forget Action.”

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