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Key information

Team registration fee: £150.00 per team
Team fundraising target: £1,200.00 per team

The rules of the Trek

Team composition: each team must comprise of four walkers only (can be any mix of male/female). Each team needs at least one support driver. No additional walkers will be allowed to join a team.

How the points are scored: the rules have been designed with the intention of keeping everyone involved for as long as possible. There are various categories of points:

Check points:
The Trek has a number of checkpoints throughout the 50km walk. The walk has one route and the checkpoints are there for your safety to track the progress of your team and provide support if required. The whole team must progress through each checkpoint together.
The Trek has an orienteering section at the start in Tollymore Forest Park. There are orienteering markers set throughout and at registration you will receive an orienteering map showing you where these are. There are some compulsory ones to find and some optional ones. The more you locate and click the more points you get.
King of the Hills:
There are three King of the Hills, these are optional added peaks around the route and will add to your points. These can be attempted by two walkers or all four unless a team member has dropped out and then it may be attempted by all three of you. No one team member can be left alone at any time during this walk and the King of the Hills are the only occasions when the team is permitted to split up. The more team members climb the hills the more points you get.
Speed is of the essence:
The faster your time the more points you get. Having said that you should progress at the speed of the slowest walker and ensure that everyone gets ample breaks. This is a team building event and everyone should feel part of the team. There are bonus points for the fastest team home.
Team Quiz:
There is a team quiz to be completed in the main by the driver but everyone can help. More questions right, more points!
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