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Key information

Date: Midnight 15 July 2017
Team registration fee: £150 per team
Team fundraising target: £1,500 per team
Individual registration fee: £38
Individual fundraising target: £375

The rules of the Trek

Team composition: each team must comprise of four walkers only (can be any mix of male/female). Each team needs at least one support driver. No additional walkers will be allowed to join a team.

How the points are scored: the rules have been designed with the intention of keeping everyone involved for as long as possible. There are various categories of points:

Walking points:
10 points per walker per checkpoint. 20 points per checkpoint when the support crew sign-out. Points are awarded based on the finishing position of each team. If 60 teams complete the course, the first team to finish will score 60 points, the second team 59 points and so on.
Retiring walkers:
If a member of your team decides to retire, they are forfeiting their points for the whole Trek and will not be permitted to rejoin the walk at a later time. No less than two walkers per team can take part in the event – if three walkers retire, the entire team must withdraw from the event.
Sponsorship points:
Before the event we will send you a ’Pledge form’. Complete the form to show the total amount you believe you will raise, and hand in at Registration for an extra 100 points.
A maximum of 100 points are available on the brain teaser quiz. This can be completed by walkers and support crew, and you may not use anything other than your collective minds to answer the questions!
The winning team:
The winning team and runners up will be awarded a special Trek tumbler and team scores will be posted on the Trek website.
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