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Date: Midnight 15 July 2017
Team registration fee: £150 per team
Team fundraising target: £1,500 per team
Individual registration fee: £38
Individual fundraising target: £375

Thank you also for a fantastically well organised event. Everyone in your team were so friendly, helpful and welcoming. There were certainly some difficult moments during the Plod, for both me and David, but it was usually put right by getting to the check points and being repeatedly told 'Well done!' and 'You're doing brilliantly!'. Made a big difference.

Sarah Cuttle

August 2016

Thankyou for a marvellous event, you couldn't have organised it any better. The pain we are all suffering today is worth it!

Llamedos team

August 2016

The enthusiasm of all the Action team and volunteers was unbelievable and kept us all going. The whole experience was definitely one of a kind.

JLL teams

August 2016

Just wanted to express my thanks for a superbly organised and executed event. You had layers of support and an innovative format which really worked to include everyone who took part... This was manifest in the quality of the staff who knew their jobs... Without exception they were friendly, professional and generous with their time and water - our dogs got very hot during the event - and it was much appreciated....Top work guys

Halina and Dan Nicholson-Smith

August 2016

A huge thanks to you and your team for organising such a brilliant Plod at the weekend… our team had a fabulous time. The wonderful volunteers... (at Alfriston)... were incredible and we had a long chat about what a fantastic cause Action Medical Research is.

The Mazars Marauders

August 2016

Just a quick note to say how much Scotty and I enjoyed the PLOD – tough yes, but well-organised and the volunteers at all the checkpoints were absolutely brilliant... we found the PLOD experience excellent

Kirsten and Scott

August 2016

Wow what an amazing event the 2012 Action Medical Research 40 Mile South Downs Plod was.

The event had everything. Pain, suffering, joy, exhilaration, extreme heat, cold, mist, damp, laughter (only a little), times of madness (lots of these) and all this by the first checkpoint.

Can we just say what a fantastic job Alice Lisher, Sarah Stevenson and all the event organisers and volunteers did. The organisation was just perfect, from the careful planning in advance and the raft of information given about the type of kit needed to information on what training to do as well as help and advice in advance about the night itself.

On the night itself everything just clicked into place from the great send off at Midnight at Devils Dyke, through to the enthusiastically manned checkpoints, the best breakfast we have ever tasted at Southease, right through to the most special of experiences, yes finishing at Beachy Head and being greeted by our old friend Paddington Bear for a well-deserved hug. Thank you Alice, Sarah and all, you were great.

Can we also say a big thank you to the Teams from Arnold Laver Timberworld and The Best Connection who helped us raise over £8000. Wow.

Of course the biggest thank you has to go to our family, friends, suppliers and customers who helped us raise such a phenomenal amount and who over the last three years have helped us raise £23,000 for Action Medical Research. Thank you so so much.

This event is something most people just could not do. If you have the type of mind and body that wants to test yourself to the limit then this is for you. Book your place on the 2013 South Downs Plod.

Thank you everyone who have helped and supported Action Medical Research, The Plod and 'For One (More) Night Only'

For One (more) Night Only

August 2012

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for organising such a fantastic Plod at the weekend. The Mazars Marauders had a brilliant time and still cant quite believe that we got to Beachy Head as quickly as we did and just about all in one piece!

Mazars Maurauders

July 2012

"Thank You" from Portsmouth College: The Other Zambini for the event. The organisation was brilliant and everyone with amr was friendly and helpful. It was our first participation in such an event but I think you may have sparked something that we will all do again at some point in some form. Someone/thing somewhere was looking out for us all as the thing we most dreaded was the weather but it was all perfect on the day and in such a beautiful place too.

Portsmouth College

July 2012

Thanks from the Vivas to you and your wonderful team. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of it and what a result for us "old plodders"

Viva Venturers

July 2012
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