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Baby Katie - Born Sleeping

Baby Katie

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On 20th December 2011, my beautiful baby daughter Katie was born sleeping, having arrived 3 months prematurely. Whilst Katie’s cause of death was as a result of a virus infection, she was also diagnosed with megakaryoblastic leukaemia – both of which could be identified, and potentially prevented, through further research and development into the causes of infection during pregnancy, better use of ultrasound scanning and genetic testing.

Katie wasn’t one of the lucky ones. She was denied a lifetime of fun, love and enjoyment. There was no reason Katie was more likely to have died than any other baby. Any parent who loses their child in this way is left with a sadness that lasts a lifetime. Whilst it might be possible to learn to live with the pain, Katie will never be forgotten to those who love her.

My friend Paul McGimpsey is taking part in the Trossachs Ton 100 mile cycle on 17th June 2012 in memory of my daughter Katie to help fund further valuable research dedicated to helping babies and children.

Please spend an extra minute to consider how much you can donate in supporting Paul. If further research results in just one child being saved then surely it must be considered worthwhile.

Losing a child feels like such a senseless waste and upsets the natural order of life so badly. I hope that with your support, Katie’s life, no matter how short, might help to save other little lives.

Thank you for your support
Deborah MacPherson

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Total raised:£2,607.00
Gift aid:£471.75
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If you are a UK taxpayer you could be eligible for Gift Aid which adds an extra 25% on to your donation.
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