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Michaela Noble

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Michaela Josephine Zelezniak Noble



To a very sick, very amazing girl.

Baby Michaela was a beautiful girl with a crazy laugh and a Wallace and Grommit smile. 

She was exactly like any other girl. She loved to play. She was also not exactly like you and me because she was very yellow. 

At the park the children used to always ask her mummy, why is she so yellow? Why are her eyes green, but then Michaela would roar like a tiger and pat them on the shoulder and they would also want to play. 

Every day, Michaela would go to the park. She loved to jump in the shade of the slide. She sang a special song on the swings: ee-ah... ee-ah 

In the doll's house she knocked on the door and shouted, "Anybody home?" Then she would pick up the bark and make pretend tea for everyone. 

On the way home in her blue pram, she would sing her park song. Ee-ah, ee-ah, oo-ah, he, he. She was very happy. 

That summer, Michaela's tummy got bigger and bigger and she became more and more yellow. Finally she had to go to the hospital.

At the hospital she sat in her cot and was sad. She cried because everything was different. 

Then there was a knock at the door and all of Michaela's friends were there. 

They tied a string to her cot and made it ring. (ding, dong... ding, dong... anybody home?) 

Michaela clapped her hands and started to jump around her cot pulling on all the hospital plugs. She sang ee-ah, ee–ah and made pretend tea. She was laughing like a mad thing. 

Later when her park friends had gone, the nurse came to do her blood pressure. Michaela lifted up her leg and she wasn't even scared. 

After her operation, when Michaela had grown tired of being sick, her Daddy held her and her Mummy whispered in her ear that where she was going was like a big park, and she could play and swing and slide all day long. 

She told Michaela that she would live in their hearts forever, and they would always be there. 

Michaela lay there very calm and she wasn't even scared.

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Total raised:£4,225.00
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If you are a UK taxpayer you could be eligible for Gift Aid which adds an extra 25% on to your donation.
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